Unique kundan Bridal Jewellery For Rent In Chennai | Rental Jewellery In Chennai

Unique kundan Bridal Jewellery For Rent In Chennai | Rental Jewellery In Chennai


Are you looking to rent an elegant green kundan bridal jewellery set for your upcoming wedding celebration in Chennai? Look no further! This article covers the history and origin of kundan jewellery, the different types of jewellery available for rent, and the advantages of renting from a jewellery rental store in Chennai. Additionally, you will receive practical tips on how to style the jewellery for your special day, as well as an overview of the advantages of wearing green kundan jewellery.


The beautiful and unique green kundan bridal jewellery is now available to rent in Chennai. This gorgeous and timeless kundan set features intricate embroidery, precious stones, and gold accents, making it perfect for any special occasion. The traditional kundan technique used in this set gives it a classic and elegant look that will never go out of style. The set consists of a necklace, earrings, and bangles, all of which are made from high-quality materials for an added touch of sophistication.

This set is perfect for any bride looking for a stylish, yet affordable, way to complete her bridal look. With its beautiful shades of green and golden hues, this exquisite kundan set adds a touch of glamour and luxury to any traditional bridal outfit. The intricate details and fine craftsmanship of this set will ensure that the bride will stand out amongst her peers.

This kundan set is specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it an ideal accessory for any bridal event. The rental fee of this set is very reasonable, making it an affordable option for any bride who wishes to make a grand entrance or statement at her special event. Renting this set is also a great way to preserve memories of special occasions, and can be used as a keepsake for years to come.

Overall, the green kundan bridal jewellery set available in Chennai is the perfect addition to any special event. With its stunning design, lightweight feel, and affordable rental fee, this stunning set is sure to make any bride look and feel beautiful on her special day.

Types of Kundan Jewellery

Green Kundan jewellery is one of the most popular types of bridal jewellery, and it is particularly popular in Chennai. Green Kundan jewellery is known to bring light and elegance to any bridal look. It is a traditional type of jewellery and is often used in wedding ceremonies.

Green Kundan jewellery can be divided into two main categories – studded Kundan jewellery and plain Kundan jewellery. Studded Kundan jewellery is usually set with small precious stones or gems like rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Plain Kundan jewellery on the other hand, is essentially made up of intricate patterns of metal and is usually made from gold or silver.

The Kundan set is one of the most popular types of Kundan jewellery in Chennai. This set usually consists of a maangtikka, a set of necklaces, earrings, bangles and a pair of anklets. These can also be made of different materials such as gold, silver or artificial jewellery to suit the occasion. The Kundan set is typically an elaborate bridal jewellery set and is often custom made to ensure a perfect fit and look.

The green Kundan jewellery sets in Chennai can be rented from various jewellery stores in the city. Renting jewellery has now become a popular option due to its cost effectiveness. Rentals are available for both studded and plain Kundan jewellery sets with prices depending on the type and quality of jewellery. Popular rental stores in Chennai include Kasturi Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, and Tulsi Jewellery.

For those looking for a unique and elegant look on their special day, green Kundan jewellery sets are a great option. With a wide range of options available in Chennai, each bride can find the perfect jewellery to complement her bridal look.


Earrings are an essential part of any bridal look and no bridal look is complete without them. When adding that final touch to your bridal look, rent the elegant green kundan jewellery in Chennai. This beautiful jewellery set has been carefully crafted to make you look stunning on your special day. The breathtaking designs and exquisite craftsmanship of these earrings will leave you mesmerised and make your wedding day look even more spectacular.

The green kundan jewellery set is perfect for any wedding and can be paired with many traditional outfits. Featuring a stunning combination of sparkling green stones set in a traditional kundan setting, these earrings are sure to make you stand out in any crowd. The intricate designs used in the craftsmanship of these earrings lend a unique beauty and charm to them, and their lightweight design ensures comfort and ease of wear.

A perfect addition to your bridal jewellery, the green kundan jewellery set is available for rental at the best prices in Chennai. All of the pieces in the set are of the highest quality and are certified for authenticity and durability. You can rest assured that your jewellery will be safe and secure with the company. The company’s rent-a-jewellery service is renowned for its superior service and customer satisfaction.

Choosing the perfect bridal jewellery is essential for any bride and with the green kundan jewellery set, you are sure to make the right choice. From their exquisite designs to their unbeatable quality and prices, this set is perfect for any bride who wants to add the perfect touch of elegance to her bridal look.


Are you looking for an eye catching piece of jewellery to add sparkle to your special occasion? Look no further than the green kundan bridal jewellery available to rent in Chennai. This traditional form of jewellery is a stunning way to make a fashion statement, whether you’re attending an engagement ceremony, walkdown the aisle or participating in a puja.

The green kundan bridal jewellery rental options in Chennai come in a variety of options to suit your needs. From classic chokers to intricately-designed pieces, the range of kundan sets available captures the essence of traditional Indian beauty. Each set is carefully crafted, and can be adorned with stones and pearls to add a special touch of luxury.

Whether you choose to rent your set for a single occasion or for multiple occasions, you can be assured of an elegant and beautiful look that will last. All sets are made from a combination of gold, silver, copper and precious stones, and can be altered to suit the length of your neck and the size of your neckline. All pieces are carefully checked for authenticity, weight and color.

When you book your kundan set from Chennai’s leading jewellery rental service, you can count on them to provide a hassle-free and secure process. A team of experienced professionals provides excellent customer service and assistance throughout the rental period. All rental packages come with comprehensive insurance policies and round the clock assistance to ensure that your jewellery remains safe and secure.

Book your green kundan bridal jewellery rental today and make your special occasion even more memorable. Whether you’re looking for a traditional set or something modern and unique, you’re sure to find something to suit your individual style. With a variety of options to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect set for your special occasion.

Bangles and Armlet

Green Kundan Jewellery is becoming a popular choice for brides in Chennai as they offer a luxurious and elegant look. These jewellery sets are adorned with colorful stones and intricate designs, making it the perfect accessory for any special occasion. Not only is it stylish and eye-catching, but these sets are also extremely affordable. For those seeking a more affordable way to accessorize, renting one of these sets is the perfect solution.

At Kundan Set in Chennai, you have the option to rent any of their stunning green kundan bridal jewellery sets. These sets come in various sizes, shapes, and designs and will add a touch of glamour to your bridal look. They offer both traditional and contemporary designs, so whatever your bridal style, you’ll be sure to find something that you love. They even offer customizations, so you can create the perfect look for your special day.

When it comes to selecting the right set of jewellery, Kundan Set also offers a wide range of services. Their consultants can guide you through the selection process and help you find the perfect set for your big day. They can provide advice on the best way to accessorize your look, from selecting the right stones to pairing the jewellery with the perfect outfit. They can also customize the jewellery set to suit your taste and budget.

When it’s time to pick up the jewellery, Kundan Set offer both delivery and pick up options, making it convenient for you to get your jewellery in time for your big day. Their staff is friendly and helpful and can answer any questions you may have. When you return the jewellery, they’ll inspect it to make sure it’s in perfect condition.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and elegant look on your special day, the green kundan bridal jewellery sets from Kundan Set in Chennai are an ideal option. Their selection of sets, quality of service, and affordable rental price make them the perfect choice for any bride.

Maang Tikka

If you are looking to rent the elegant green kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai, you are in luck. There are several jewellery shops that cater to all your needs. Maang tikka is a traditional and timeless piece of jewellery that can add a special charm and beauty to any woman’s look. And, renting it is the perfect way to get the traditional charm without spending too much.

The most popular places to rent green kundan jewellery in Chennai are in the affluent neighborhoods of T Nagar, Teynampet, Besant Nagar and Anna Nagar. These are the places to find exquisite and intricate kundan sets in a variety of designs and styles. From traditional to contemporary, these shops have something to offer for everyone.

Most of these shops offer a full kundan set, which includes the neckpiece, earrings, tikka, and jhumka. The quality of the kundan jewellery is typically quite good and the cost of renting it is quite affordable. Many of these shops even offer discounts on the total amount if you rent multiple pieces.

In addition to renting kundan jewellery, you can also shop for your own set in Chennai. There are numerous stores that offer a wide range of kundan sets in various styles and designs. Kundan jewellery is known for its intricate details and craftsmanship and these stores showcase some of the best pieces. Whether you are looking for a traditional set or are looking for something more contemporary, these stores have something for everyone.

As far as the cost of buying kundan jewellery is concerned, it depends on the size and quality of the piece. While smaller pieces are relatively affordable, larger and detailed pieces may cost more. However, if you are looking to save money, then renting is definitely the way to go.

Overall, renting the elegant green kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai is the ideal way to accessorize the perfect look and make your wedding day even more special. With the wide selection of kundan sets available, you can choose the perfect piece to add that extra charm to your outfit and make a lasting impression.

Benefits of Renting Kundan Bridal Jewellery

Renting green Kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai is a great way to accessorize for a bride’s big day. Kundan set jewellery is incredibly iconic, and can make any bride look spectacular. The benefits of renting Kundan jewellery are numerous, ranging from cost savings to environmental sustainability.

For starters, renting green Kundan jewellery is very cost-effective. It allows brides to access pieces that would often be too expensive to purchase outright. It also removes the hassle of having to resell the jewellery at the end of the event. Instead, customers only need to return the jewellery in order to obtain a full refund.

In addition, renting green Kundan jewellery is an eco-friendly choice. It eliminates the need to purchase new jewellery for each event, since the pieces can be reused multiple times. This cuts down on the production of new jewellery, resulting in fewer emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Finally, renting green Kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai is incredibly convenient. Many jewellery rental companies offer online services that allow customers to browse and select pieces from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, customers can have the jewellery delivered directly to their doorstep for an added touch of convenience.

In conclusion, renting green Kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai is an ideal solution for brides looking to accessorize for their special day. Not only is it cost-effective and eco-friendly, it is also convenient and hassle-free.

Advantages of Renting from Us

At Green Kundan Jewellery, we provide customers with the highest quality kundan jewellery sets available in Chennai. We understand the importance of having special jewellery for your wedding day, and strive to make renting kundan sets a hassle-free experience. Our jewellery is handcrafted with the finest stones, ensuring that you look your best for your special occasion.

From engagement rings to statement pieces, we offer a wide selection of kundan jewellery to cater to your individual style and needs. We also have a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect piece for your special day.

When you rent jewellery from us, you’re guaranteed to receive a kundan set of the highest quality. Our kundan jewellery is meticulously crafted according to traditional methods and includes a variety of colourful stones. We invest in high-end polishing technology to ensure that each piece is flawless and shines. We also employ a team of experienced artisans who inspect each kundan jewellery piece to ensure the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship.

Additionally, all our kundan jewellery sets come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if any stone or setting becomes loose or develops a defect, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge. We also offer a 30-day return policy, so if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

At Green Kundan Jewellery, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer any of your questions and help you find the perfect kundan set for your special occasion. Our competitive pricing and rent-to-own options make it easy to find the perfect piece at an affordable price.

For the highest-quality kundan jewellery sets in Chennai, look no further than Green Kundan Jewellery. Contact us today to learn more about our selection and rent the perfect green kundan set for your special day.

History and Origin of Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery, also known as polki jewellery, is a type of traditional Indian jewellery which dates back hundreds of years. It is usually characterized by heavy and ornate designs with colorful gemstones set in a gold base. Kundan jewellery has a rich and vibrant history, tracing its origin to the royal courts of Rajasthan, where it was crafted for centuries for the members of the court.

Kundan jewellery is crafted using a highly complex process. The design is usually made with an alloy of 24-karat gold and silver known as ‘panchdhatu,’ which is then encrusted with gems and precious stones. The stones are cut and polished to create a smooth surface, then set in a gold “filler” that holds each stone in place. The setting is then sealed with a layer of enamel to give it a glossy finish.

In recent years, the popularity of green kundan jewellery has surged due to its association with classic, timeless beauty. This type of kundan jewellery has a timeless elegance and sophistication about it, which is why it is often used for bridal jewellery.

Whether you are looking for a classic kundan set for your special day, or something more modern and contemporary, there are plenty of options to choose from in Chennai. The city is home to many renowned jewellers, who offer brides a range of options for their special day. When it comes to renting a kundan set for your special day in Chennai, you can be sure to find the perfect jewellery for the occasion.

General Characteristics of Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is some of the most beautiful and intricate jewellery that is available. It is characterized by a unique combination of semi-precious stones, as well as Kundan stones, which have a unique luster and are cut in perfectly symmetrical shapes. Kundan jewellery is one of the most popular forms of traditional jewellery, and is often worn by brides during their wedding day.

The term Kundan refers to the process of setting stones into metal. The technique involves heating of precious and semi-precious stones and affixing them to a metal base. This process allows for high precision design, and is often used to craft exquisite pieces of jewellery. Kundan jewellery is typically set in gold or silver.

Green Kundan jewellery is a traditional form of jewellery and is especially popular in Tamil Nadu, India. It is usually crafted with emeralds, rubies, and other precious stones, and is often designed to reflect the traditional Tamil Nadu culture. The green Kundan jewellery available to rent in Chennai is made with great precision and features intricate designs, reflecting the traditional Tamil Nadu culture.

Kundan sets are versatile and often include matching earrings, neckpieces, and tikas. These pieces can be customized to fit the bride’s needs and are perfect for a traditional Indian wedding. They are also an excellent choice for bridesmaids, or if you’d like to give your bridal look a unique and special touch.

Green Kundan jewellery is a beautiful and stunning choice for any special occasion. To rent beautiful and high-quality green Kundan jewellery in Chennai, contact a reputable jewellery store, who will be able to provide you with the perfect piece.

Practical Tips for Styling Green Kundan Bridal Jewellery for Your Big Day

Adding a touch of elegance to your special day is a must-have for your bridal look. Accessorizing with green kundan jewellery can add traditional glamour and timeless beauty to your wedding wardrobe. Besides, if you are looking for the best option to rent this luxurious jewellery, then Chennai has the perfect solution for you.

When styling for your big day, here are some practical tips you can use to make sure your green kundan set looks perfect on your wedding day:

1. Choose a style that works with your entire outfit and flatters your body shape. Kundan jewellery is an intricate style, so make sure it looks perfect with your ensemble.

2. If you are planning on styling with a traditional bridal outfit, then opt for a kundan set that complements the look. For instance, if you’re wearing a saree, then try to get a set that is adorned with rich motifs like a peacock, lotus or mango.

3. Keep the rest of your jewellery minimal. Kundan jewellery is quite detailed and ornate, so you don’t want to add too many accessories and overpower the look.

4. For a more modern look, opt for a minimal kundan set. This type of jewellery has a more subtle and elegant look which is perfect for contemporary brides.

5. Last but not least, make sure that your green kundan set is authentic and of good quality. You don’t want to end up with fake jewellery or a set with poor craftsmanship.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your green kundan set will be an unforgettable part of your wedding day. So, why not rent the most exquisite green kundan jewellery in Chennai and make a statement on your big day?

Advantages of Wearing Green Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery has been around for many centuries and is popular all over the world. It is an intricate art form, with pieces of jewellery crafted using precious stones, pearls, and gold. Green Kundan jewellery is one of the most beautiful and traditional forms of jewellery that can be found in India. Renting green Kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai is a great way to add elegance and charm to any special occasion.

The advantages of wearing green Kundan jewellery on your wedding day or any other special occasion include:

1. Timeless Beauty: Kundan jewellery is timeless in its beauty and can be worn for any occasion or even as everyday jewellery. It is a perfect choice for an engagement, wedding, or any other special occasion.

2. Versatility: Kundan jewellery is highly versatile, as it can be worn as a set, such as a necklace, earrings, and a maang tikka. It can also be worn as single pieces, such as a choker, bracelet, or anklet.

3. Quality: Kundan jewellery is known for its quality and craftsmanship. It is made from high-quality materials and is built to last for many years.

4. Variety: Kundan sets come in a variety of styles, designs, and colours. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, you are sure to find something that suits your style.

By renting green Kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai, you can easily create the perfect look for your special occasion. This type of jewellery will add a touch of royalty and elegance to your look and be the perfect choice to make your special day even more special.

Where to Rent Elegant Green Kundan Bridal Jewellery in Chennai

When it comes to finding the perfect jewelry for a bridal look, every bride wants something unique and special. This is especially true when it comes to renting the elegant green kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai. Chennai is home to some of the most remarkable and exquisite green kundan jewellery sets, ranging from traditional designs to modern pieces.

For those looking to rent the elegant green kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai, there are several top-notch stores to choose from. Each store has its own unique selection of jewelry, ranging from traditional pieces to modern and abstract designs. The most popular stores include Nava Designs, Vikas Silvers, Varun Fashion Jewellery, and Pride Jewellery. Each store specializes in different designs and styles of green kundan jewellery, providing the perfect selection of sets for any bride.

When visiting each store, it is important to consider the quality of the jewelry that is being rented. Each store offers a wide selection of jewelry but only the best should be chosen. The quality of the stones and metal should be checked as well as the workmanship of the pieces. The quality of the product is an important factor to consider as this will ensure that the jewelry is in perfect condition for the wedding.

It is also important to be aware of the return policy of each store. This is to ensure that any damages caused to the jewelry can be returned and the money refunded. Additionally, the store should offer some kind of warranty that ensures that the jewelry is free of any defects.

For those looking to rent the elegant green kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai, these stores offer a great selection of sets to choose from. With careful consideration, the perfect bridal jewellery can be found to complement the bride’s look for the special day.

Practical Tips for Styling Green Kundan Bridal Jewellery for Your Big Day

If you’re looking for a stunning yet timeless bridal jewellery, the green Kundan set is the perfect choice for your special day. The eye-catching deep green Kundan stones are set in fine gold and silver, creating a mesmerizing effect that will give you an elegant and classic look. If you’re looking to rent the ideal green Kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai, there are a few tips to keep in mind before you start your hunt.

Start by selecting the right colour and style of Kundan set. If you’re looking for a vintage or royal-inspired look, choose a heavier set with a deeper green Kundan stones. For a more modern look, opt for lighter coloured stone like yellow, white or pink. Make sure that the Kundan set complements your wedding gown, hairstyle and accessories, so the look is cohesive.

Next, make sure that the green Kundan bridal jewellery is well-made and of good quality. High-end jewellery stores will have a variety of top quality Kundan sets that you can rent. Look for sets that feature intricate designs, as these will add an extra level of sophistication to your bridal look.

Finally, make sure that the green Kundan jewellery you rent is properly sized. Renting a set that’s too big or too small can make your look appear unpolished. If you’re not sure what size to choose, ask a professional jeweller in Chennai to help you find the right size.

By following these practical tips, you can find the perfect green Kundan bridal jewellery to make your big day even more special. With its timeless beauty and sophistication, you’ll be sure to make a stunning entrance with your green Kundan jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Renting Elegant Green Kundan Bridal Jewellery in Chennai

Renting green kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai is becoming increasingly popular as more brides and grooms look for unique and cost-effective ways to enhance their wedding look. With the wide variety of options available, it can be difficult to understand all the details and features associated with renting kundan jewellery sets. To help clear up any confusion, here are some frequently asked questions about renting green kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai.

Q: What types of jewellery sets are available for rent?
A: At our Chennai store, you can find a large selection of green kundan jewellery sets, including traditional and contemporary styles. We offer sets that include necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings so you can easily find the perfect set for your wedding or other special occasion.

Q: What is the cost of renting a kundan jewellery set?
A: The cost of renting a green kundan bridal jewellery set varies based on the type of jewellery and the length of the rental period. Generally, rentals are available for one week, one month, or longer. We can provide more details on pricing when you visit our store.

Q: Is there a deposit required for renting?
A: Yes, there is a deposit required for kundan jewellery rental. The amount of the security deposit depends on the type of jewellery and the length of the rental period. We will be able to provide more information on the required deposit when you visit the store.

Q: Is there a minimum rental period?
A: Yes, there is a minimum rental period of one week for any kundan jewellery set. However, if you require the jewellery for a shorter period of time, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss a custom rental agreement.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the use of the jewellery?
A: Yes, we do have some restrictions in place to ensure the safety and security of the jewellery. We ask that the jewellery not be used for activities that are likely to cause any damage, such as swimming, playing sports, or sleeping.

Q: Are other rental services available in Chennai?
A: Yes, we offer a variety of other rental services in Chennai, including bridal makeup, wedding decorations, and photography. Please contact us to learn more about these services.


In conclusion, renting elegant green Kundan bridal jewellery in Chennai is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your wedding day. With the right search and selection process, you can easily find a great selection of jewellery pieces and services suitable to your taste and budget. Furthermore, the advantages of renting green Kundan jewellery are plentiful, from being more affordable and sustainable, to being stunning and timeless. With these tips and advices, you can be sure to make your wedding day an unforgettable and stylish affair.

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