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The Bridal Collection 2023 | Bridal Ensemble Cocktail | Kushal's Fashion Jewellery

5 Breathtaking Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets for Weddings

Searching for the perfect kundan bridal jewellery to make you shine on your big day? Look no further – the stunning pieces available in Chennai will ensure that you have the perfect piece of jewellery to complete your look. From classic pieces to unique designs, this list of beautiful kundan jewellery has something special for every bride.

Kundan Choker Set with Earrings and a Matha Patti.

Get ready for an eye-catching look with this stunning kundan choker set. The exquisite details of the necklace and earrings, along with the soft sparkle from the matha patti, ensure that you will stand out from the crowd. This bridal jewellery set will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come!


Stylish Pendant & Maang-Tikka Combination.

An effortless blend of traditional kundan design and modern style, this jewellery set is perfect for the bride who wants elegance with a contemporary touch. The intricate details of the features make it look exquisite when worn, while the beautiful pendant and maang tikka combination add charm to your bridal look. This versatile piece is great for any wedding occasion!


Majestic Maharani Jhoomar for Your Bun Hairstyle.

Flaunt the majestic beauty of Rajasthan with this gorgeous maharani jhoomar. Whether you are keeping your hair in a bun or letting them loose, this captivating accessory will add the perfect amount of sparkle to your wedding look. The combination of precious kundan stones and fine metal details creates an alluring design that will mesmerize everyone on your big day.


Modern Hareem Style Necklace & Jhumkas Set.

Complete your look with this special harem’s style necklace and jhumka set designer jewellery. This stunning piece of jewellery will uniquely amplify your wedding look with its statement style. Crafted from precious kundan stones, it come with multiple cascading tiers to create a luxe brilliance that is simply out of this world! Be sure to make heads turn on your special day when they lay their eyes on this extraordinary piece.


Auspicious Peacock and Temple Design Bridal Set.

Elevate your bridal look with this exclusive peacock and temple design bridal jewellery set. Symbolising the divine union of couples, its gold-plated finish adds to the timeless appeal of its kundan stones. Crafted with a matching necklace, earrings and maang tikka, it will bring out your cultural heritage in an altogether unprecedented glamour! A perfect choice for traditional Indian weddings, get ready to dazzle with every move you make wearing this unique set.


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