Bridal Jewels Chennai | Aviraa Bridal Jewels | New Collections | Brand new Store.

Bridal Jewels Chennai | Aviraa Bridal Jewels | New Collections | Brand new Store.

Introducing the latest bridal jewels collection by Aviraa Bridal Jewels in Chennai! Our brand new store showcases exquisite pieces that are sure to make your wedding day even more special. With our stunning new collections, you’ll find the perfect piece of jewelry to complement your wedding dress and enhance your bridal look. Read on to discover the latest trends and designs and get ready to dazzle with Aviraa Bridal Jewels.

Bridal Jewels Chennai: Explore the Latest Collection at Aviraa Bridal Jewels

Getting married soon and in search of the perfect jewelry to match your wedding attire? Look no further than Aviraa Bridal Jewels in Chennai. The one-stop-shop for all your bridal jewelry needs, Aviraa Bridal Jewels offers a wide range of jewelry from head-to-toe. From exquisitely crafted necklaces and earrings to intricately designed bangles and bracelets, you’ll find everything you need to complete your bridal look.

About Aviraa Bridal Jewels

Started in 2017, Aviraa Bridal Jewels has quickly become a household name in Chennai’s bridal jewelry scene. The brand is known for its premium jewelry that is available for both rent and purchase. Their jewelry is handpicked by experts who travel across India to source jewelry that is unique, of high quality, and can meet the needs of every bride.

Bridal Jewelry for Rent and Purchase

Aviraa Bridal Jewels believes that every bride deserves to look her best on her special day without having to break the bank. Therefore, they offer rental options for all their jewelry pieces. Additionally, those who prefer to buy can do so, with prices starting at INR 5,000.

New Collections and a Brand New Store

Aviraa Bridal Jewels has recently launched their latest collection, featuring stunning pieces that will add the perfect finishing touch to any bridal outfit. What’s more, they have a brand new store in Annanagar, Chennai, which is fully equipped with the latest jewelry designs perfect for modern-day brides.

Get in Touch with Aviraa Bridal Jewels

Aviraa Bridal Jewels prides itself on providing excellent customer service. You can follow their Instagram page (@aviraabridaljewels) for updates on their latest collections and style inspirations or WhatsApp them to book a video call appointment for rentals. You can also call them from 10AM to 7PM to book an appointment at their showroom. International shipping is available for those making purchases from outside of India.


The jewelry you wear on your wedding day is a timeless representation of your love and commitment. Let Aviraa Bridal Jewels help you find the perfect pieces that will make you feel like royalty on your big day. With a wide range of jewelry options available for both rent and purchase and excellent customer service, it’s no wonder that Aviraa Bridal Jewels is quickly becoming one of the most popular bridal jewelry brands in Chennai.


  1. How do I make an appointment with Aviraa Bridal Jewels?
    You can call them between 10AM to 7PM, WhatsApp them or book a video call appointment through their Instagram page.

  2. Can I rent bridal jewelry at Aviraa Bridal Jewels?
    Yes! They have a wide range of bridal jewelry available for rent.

  3. What is the starting price for purchasing jewelry at Aviraa Bridal Jewels?
    You can purchase jewelry for as low as INR 5,000.

  4. Do they offer international shipping?
    Yes, they do offer international shipping.

  5. Where is the Aviraa Bridal Jewels showroom located?
    Their showroom is located in Annanagar, Chennai.

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