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Bridal Collection 2023 | The Bridal Muhartham Choice | Kushal's Fashion Jewellery

The Perfect Antique Jewellery Set To Add Sparkle To Your Bridal Look

Looking for an exquisite jewellery set to make your bridal look complete? Look no further than our carefully curated selection of designer antique jewellery sets. Find just the right design to elevate your style and make your special day perfect—shop now!

Understand the characteristics of antique jewellery.

When buying antique jewellery, it’s important to understand the characteristics and features that make each piece unique. Typically, these pieces are crafted with intricate detailing, careful craftsmanship and higher-quality materials that give them a timeless look. Additionally, antique jewellery often has unique symbols or designs engraved in it which can add an extra touch of sophistication to your style. Make sure to do your research and find pieces that have the perfect mix of modernity and classic vintage charm.

When selecting an antique jewellery set for a bridal, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, look at the metal sign of the piece. Gold, silver and platinum are the traditional metals used in these kinds of jewellery. Make sure that you know what metal your piece is made of before buying pieces with gems or diamonds embedded in it. Additionally, be aware of any extra design elements such as engraving or etching work that may add to its overall uniqueness. To make sure that your antique jewellery set stands out from the rest, seek out pieces with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Pay attention to the stones used in the set as well. While diamonds, emeralds and rubies are all precious gemstones often found in antique jewellery sets, other stones such as sapphires and opals can provide a unique look. Make sure that each piece is carefully set with the proper setting for its size and shape. Antique jewellery should also contain intricate designs that add depth and dimension to the pieces, such as filigree, repoussé or deep engraving of intricate patterns along the surface of the metal. Look for special details such as beading or pave settings which will further enhance your piece’s uniqueness.

Select Complimentary Colours and Finishes.

Select jewellery with complementary colours and finishes to your gown – such as silver tones and pearls for classic wedding gowns, or gemstone encrusted earrings and necklaces for modern designs. Consider the theme you have chosen and make sure your antique jewellery reflects this – such as vibrant vintage coloured stones for beach weddings or statement pieces in gold plating for bohemian vibes. If possible, add a unique touch of colour that will make your set stand out even more.


Vintage jewellery can also be combined with more modern pieces to give your set an interesting twist. Remember to consider the other jewelry you will be wearing—your necklace should match the earrings, and all the pieces should compliment one another when put together. Above all else, make sure to choose antique jewellery sets that best reflect your personal style. After all, you are the star of your wedding day!


Shop for the Perfect Pieces.

Purchasing antique jewellery is all about enjoying the hunt. Shop online for the largest selection of vintage and antique jewellery, or look for local vintage shops near you. Most importantly, when shopping for your set – don’t settle for anything less than perfect! Look for pieces that are timeless and have good craftsmanship, with the right quality stones and metals. After all, this is an investment you want to cherish forever.

Once you’ve found the perfect pieces, make sure they are in good repair and can safely be worn. Have a trusted jeweller inspect and clean your heirlooms if needed, or look into having them lightly restored to ensure they will last for many years. For the eco-friendly bride, vintage jewellery is the perfect choice due to its high recycling rate – plus, it has an incredible story to tell. The hunt for antique bridal jewellery removes future generations from having to mine more raw materials from Earth. Be sure to use a reputable asset when making these purchases and always verify documents prior to buying antique sets. With the right inspection and research, you’ll have a timeless piece of bridal jewellery that will serve as a beautiful representation of love for years to come.


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